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About Central Library

Bagnan College Central Library is the hub of a wheel whose spokes reach into the different departments of the college under three shifts i.e. Day, Morning and Evening. The college library began its journey when the college was set up in the year 1958. The library is well-stocked with a good number of latest edition books for different UG courses, including many old and rare books as well as books that can help students prepare for competitive examinations. All these books are meant to support teaching-learning activities effectively. The Central Library has a rich collection of more than 30,000 volumes on different disciplines in the fields of Science, humanities, and social sciences to equip the students with a wide range of academic resources. The Central Library has Books, Journals, other learning materials, and ICT based learning mechanisms, which enable students to acquire information, knowledge and skills required for their higher study. Apart from this the Central Library is enriched by a good number of e-journals and e-books. All library documents are classified under the DDC 22 edition. The Central Library takes initiative to maintain Library housekeeping activities by using Library Management Software “koha”. The Library also maintains manual card catalogue of all documents, and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facilities under work in progress situation. There are also various departmental libraries run by the concerned departments.

Some salient features of the Library: Bagnan College Central Library is fully computerised. Internet facility is available in the Library. Access to INFLIBNET for downloading e-boooks and jouurnal papers, both within campus and outside Open access to books available in the Library.

Institutional Membership: Bagnan College is now an institutional member of the NList. Students and teachers can use the library as institutional member. The website address of NList is nlist.inflibnet.ac.in.

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